Zhovti Vody Humanitarian Gymnasium named after Lessia Ukrainka
with in-depth learning of foreign languages
of Dnipropetrovsk National University

  Zhovti Vody Humanitarian Gymnasium named after Lessia Ukrainka is a Ukrainian educational establishment which satisfies the demands of talented and gifted children for getting humanitarian education. As an educational establishment of a new type the gymnasium acts as the centre of nation's revival, developing the feeling of national identity and dignity, human values, works on strengthening intellectual and cultural potential of modern Ukraine. День відкритих дверей
  Joined activities of teachers and pupils are aimed at establishing humanistic assignment of education its important role in economic, social, political and spiritual recovery of the society.
  As a state educational establishment the gymnasium totally ensures the content of education which corresponds to the state standard in all subjects. The main goal of the gymnasium staff's activity is formation and development of socially active humanistic aimed personality with conscious civic position, the system of scientific knowledge about nature, society, a profound knowledge of a foreign language; the personality ready for professional self-determination through getting corresponding education in higher educational establishments.
  Working on the problems of creation of a developing educational socio-cultural surrounding as a precondition of the development of a creative individual, in the conditions of the open society, the teachers' staff of the gymnasium dialectically combines national and international content of education, supplies the access to the treasure of the world culture, the corresponding level of international communication. For the period of its existence since 1993 Zhovti Vody humanitarian gymnasium has turned into the powerful centre of education and methodology in the aspect of learning foreign languages. The gymnasium has an experienced teachers' staff. There are 13 teachers-methodologists, 20 teachers of the highest category and one senior teacher among 41 gymnasium teachers. From year to year the material and technical basis of the educational process is improved. Колектив гімназії на Тарасовій горі There are 3 language laboratories, 2 powerful computer studies created in the gymnasium, 2 satellite complexes installed that give students the opportunity of receiving educational programs through TV channels in France, England, Spain, Germany, Italy and the USA.
  In accordance with demands of modern life significant attention is paid to the formation of both specialized and overall cultural level of the library of periodical editions, scientific and systematic, educational literature and fiction published in France, England, the USA, Germany, a catalogue of video and audio materials in English, French, Spanish and other video materials, which are used in the educational process.
  All the subjects are completely supplied with the computer support. The new information technologies are skillfully used by the teachers and students during the preparation for the lesson. The gymnasium became the structural department of Dnipropetrovsk National University in 2000-2001 academic years. That's why nowadays the pupils of the gymnasium have the right of entering the university with some privileges. It became possible due to the high achieved results and hard work of the gymnasium teachers and students. Хліб-сіль вам любі гості
  Since 1999 the scientific research and experimental students' centre of Mala Academy of Science of Ukraine has been working at the humanitarian gymnasium. It has the historical - geographical and philological directions. Also the scientific research work begins with the choosing of the theme for the research and defining its directions due to the type of the gymnasium and pupils' interests. That's the student of the gymnasium work at the problems connecting with philosophy, history of Ukraine etc, for example, at the problems of the formation of the Ukrainian state and the development of the Ukrainian culture. Children are also interested in the language richness of the literary heritage of Lesia Ukrainka, Ivan Kotliarevsky and other poets and writers of Ukraine. Foreign languages and chemistry are not left without attention. The pupils deepen their knowledge of modern English and French language and literature. They investigate some issues of history and culture of different countries and highlight the environmental and ecological problems.
  The Gymnasium realizes four international fund's "Renaissance", a program of the US Corps of Peace and the exchange students' program with Newberg School, state Oregon, the USA, cooperates with the French association "New Bridge" headed by president's wife madam B. Shirak. An active work is being carried out by the gymnasium in the development of youth program "Debates". International club "Sciphians" works there headed by Lyubov Pompik. It's now almost five years since student television studio has welcomed those interested in its activity. Gymnasium's own printing house which is a generous gift made by the World Fund of Ukrainian doctor's associations is working here. Periodical broadcasts of TV programs of student television studio headed by Pavlo Makarenko and periodical issues of newspaper "Lessyni spadkoyemtzi" under the leadership of Lyudmyla Khomenko give young journalists and TV reporters a chance of understanding the level of their professional skills and preparing themselves for entering higher educational establishment, enriching gymnasium life. Since 1999 annual gymnasium collection of student poems "Krasa kvitnevoyi rosy" has been published.
  Gymnasium home affairs, its creative atmosphere, creation of high quality spirit and pupils' striving for gaining the highest spiritual values of the mankind are limited by the Concept of the humanitarian gymnasium according to which the cooperation of student and a teacher must raise all mentioned tasks on the higher stage of spiritual cultural relations and learning the surrounding world in its whole harmony and beauty.

Zhovti Vody Humanitarian Gymnasium named after Lessia Ukrainka
with in-depth learning of foreign languages
of Dnipropetrovsk National University
52210 Ukraine Dnipropetrovska oblast
Zhovti Vody,vul.Petrovskogo 18
tel.: (056 52) 325 20, 339 01
tel./fax (056 52) 555 56
E-mail: lesya_zhv@ukr.net

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